Shoe-Supply is a footwear supply company based in Istanbul. Our passion is for the fastest  fashion services to our clients.  We manufacture and design women & men shoes for private label to different companies around the world.

Our network includes 60 Shoe and Accessories manufacturers around Turkey producing trendy, quality and affordable footwear for different segments. We believe shopping is not a luxury but a right, so we aim to serve the latest trends to everyone. We know that fashion brings people together, so we offer designs from world fashion and real life. We  manufacture our shoes with PU leather, as well as genuine leather; which we already provide to many brands and websites private labels such as :

  • Nelly.com UK

  • Trendyol TR

  • Ebay USA

  • Beymen TR

  • Morhipo TR

  • Yargıcı TR

  • Divaresse TR

  • Fabrika TR

  • Hotiç TR

  • Desa TR

  • Na- Kd SWD

  • Ayakkabı Dunyasi TR

  • Elle TR

  • Ipekyol TR

With a good understanding of fashion, e-commerce / retail and great  collection purely manufactured in Turkey; we can offer quick, no - minimum and quality products to add to  your shoes collection.


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